Texas Educator Certification Examinations
Student Profile Worksheet

The Student Profile Worksheet is designed to gather information that may help you prepare for the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program exams. Please read each question and mark your responses in the spaces provided.

What is Your Current Academic Status? Mark the appropriate box.

Which exams are you preparing to take and when?

Recommendations for Exam Preparation (complete this section last)

Based on your responses to the Exam Preparation Questions in this Student Profile and a review of your preparation to date, you or your advisor may use this section to list specific recommendations for additional exam preparation activities.
Additional Coursework Recommended: Additional Study Materials:
Other Recommended Preparation Activities:

Exam Preparation

Complete this portion of the Student Profile before you start to prepare for the exam(s). Complete a separate copy of this portion for each exam you plan to take.

Have you taken this exam before? Select the appropriate answer.

Testing History

List the date(s) on which you took this exam and the score(s) you achieved. Record both domain performance scores and, if applicable, scores for constructed-response performance. (Please note that for most exams, constructed-response assignments are designed to assess your understanding of one or more competencies within the entire exam, while for some exams the constructed-response assignments are anchored to a specific domain.) If you have taken this exam more than twice, list the dates and scores for your two most recent attempts.

Date Total Exam Score and Domain Performance Comments

Total Exam Score:
Domain performance:
1.    2.    3.    4.    
5.    6.    7.    
Constructed-response assignment score: 

Total Exam Score:
Domain performance:
1.    2.    3.    4.    
5.    6.    7.    
Constructed-response assignment score: 

Exam Preparation Questions

Choose either "Yes" or "No" in response to each question

1. Have you obtained and reviewed the competencies for this exam?

2. Have you completed all or most of the teacher preparation coursework in which the content of this exam is taught?

3. Have you obtained the Preparation Manual for this exam?

4. Have you reviewed the sample exam questions in the Preparation Manual?

5. If you identified any competencies that represent areas of weakness for you, have you gathered and reviewed additional study materials for these competencies?

6. Do you know the date and location of the exam administration?

Preparing for the Exam by Using the Information You Have Provided

  • Review your testing history. Based upon your domain performance, you or your advisor may be able to identify specific content areas on which you may want to focus extra attention when preparing for the exam.
  • Review your responses to the questions above. If you chose "No" in response to any question, you or your advisor may be able to identify additional activities to help you prepare to take this exam. You may use the Recommendations for Exam Preparation section of this form to list these additional exam preparation activities.

Print this worksheet to save for your records, or to fill out offline: