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Preparation Manual

Preparation Manual

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Section 1: About the TExES Principal as Instructional Leader Preparation Manual

The Purpose of this Preparation Manual

As a part of a comprehensive preparation program, the purpose of the TExES Principal as Instructional Leader examination (268) helps ensure candidates are prepared for the successful day-to-day responsibilities of a principal as an instructional leader in Texas schools.

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of the TExES Principal as Instructional Leader examination (268) to help educator preparation programs and candidates prepare for the exam.

Educator Preparation Programs

This publication can be used as a planning tool for educator preparation programs.

Reflective Questions for Preparation Programs

How are you ensuring candidates are aware, early in their preparation program, of the expectations of the principal assessment? How can this document support candidate understanding of the exam?

How do the practice questions provided in this manual align to each domain and competency in the framework and demonstrate the level of rigor expected of candidate performance?

The contexts present in practice questions are early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, rural, urban, and suburban schools. What knowledge, skills, and mind-sets do candidates need within and across these contexts? How can you plan course development to address these needs?

What research-based best practices do you see in the practice questions and scenarios? How can you integrate the mind-sets, knowledge, and skills around these best practices into your program?

To what extent do the course syllabi in your preparation program ensure that assessments, projects, activities, and practicum experiences address each domain and competency in a rigorous, meaningful, and authentic manner?

To what extent do courses in your preparation program reflect the weight of the domains, prioritized statements, and instructional focus of the exam?

To what extent do practice questions reflect the day-to-day job of an instructional leader? How can your preparation program strengthen partnerships with school districts to provide candidates with authentic learning experiences?

Candidates Preparing to Take the Exam

This publication can be used as a planning tool for candidates preparing to take the exam.

Reflective Questions for Candidates

What areas of the domains and competencies do you feel are your strengths? What areas of the framework do you need to focus on to ensure you are well prepared?

How can you use the practice questions in this manual to get a sense of the rigor and contexts you can expect on the exam?

How can you maximize the instructional experiences provided by your preparation program to obtain the knowledge and skills needed in each domain and competency? What additional reading and professional activities should you pursue?

In which of the following contexts do you need to broaden your understanding: early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school, urban, suburban, and rural school settings?

How are you planning to revisit this manual to monitor your progress?