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Preparation Manual

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Section 5: Preparation Resources
Technology Applications EC–12 (242)

The resources listed below may help you prepare for the TExES exam in this field. These preparation resources have been identified by content experts in the field to provide up-to-date information that relates to the field in general. You may wish to use current issues or editions to obtain information on specific topics for study and review.


  1. eSchool News: Daily Tech News & Innovation,
  2. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, International Society for Technology in Education,
  3. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, International Society for Technology in Education,
  4. Internet@Schools, [Publisher]
  5. T.H.E. (Technology Horizons in Education) Journal,
  6. Tech & Learning,
  7. Texas Computer Education Association — TechEdge and TechNotes,

Other Resources

  1. Bitter, G., and Pierson, M. (2008). Using Technology in the Classroom, 7th Edition. Boston, Mass.: Pearson Allyn & Bacon.

  2. Grabe, M., and Grabe, C. (2006). Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning, 5th Edition. Boston, Mass.: Cengage Learning, Inc., Houghton Mifflin.

  3. Howland, J., Jonassen, D., and Marra, R. (2011). Meaningful Learning with Technology, 4th edition. Boston, Mass.: Pearson Allyn & Bacon.

  4. Lever-Duffy, J., and McDonald, J. (2014). Teaching and Learning with Technology. Boston, Mass.: Pearson Allyn & Bacon.

  5. Newby, T., Stepich, D., Lehman, J., and Russell, J., Leftwich, A. (2010). Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning, 4th Edition. Boston, Mass.: Pearson.

  6. Roblyer, M. D. (2014). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, 7th Edition. Boston, Mass: Pearson.

  7. Stinson, J. (2013). Video: Digital Communication & Production, 3rd Edition. Tinley Park, Il.: Goodheart-Willcox.

  8. Texas Education Agency. (2016). Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Austin, Texas.

  9. Williams, R. (2014). The Non-Designers Design Book. Berkeley, Calif.: Peachpit Press.

Online Resources

  1. Association for Career and Technical Education —
  2. Association for Educational Communications and Technology —
  3. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) —
  4. Career and Technology Association of Texas —
  5. Center for Digital Education —
  6. Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) —
  7. International Society for Technology Education —
  8. State Board for Educator Certification —
  9. —
  10. Technology Student Association —
  11. Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) —
  12. Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Tech-Apps/Computer Science Special Interest Group —
  13. Texas Education Agency, Educational Technology —
  14. Texas Education Agency, Technology Applications Curriculum —
  15. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology —

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