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Preparation Manual

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Section 5: Preparation Resources
Dance 6–12 (279)

The resources listed below may help you prepare for the TExES exam in this field. These preparation resources have been identified by content experts in the field to provide up-to-date information that relates to the field in general. You may wish to use current issues or editions to obtain information on specific topics for study and review.


  1. Dance Education in Practice, National Dance Education Organization.
  2. Journal of Dance Education, National Dance Education Organization.
  3. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Society of Health and Physical Educators.

Other Resources

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Online Resources

  1. Alvin Ailey: American Dance Theater —
  2. American Ballet Theatre —
  3. Ballet Hispanico —
  4. (dance art, articles and interviews) —
  5. (sponsored links for dance schools) —
  6. Houston Metropolitan Dance Company —
  7. National Dance Education Organization —
  8. New York City Ballet —
  9. Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance —
  10. Texas Dance Educators Association —

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