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Retake Policy

An exam can be retaken after 45 days. Candidates are prevented from registering until the results from the last attempt have been posted to ECOS. Once the results have posted, you can then register, at which point the first available date for a test appointment will be 45 days from the prior attempt's test date.

If you are affiliated with an EPP, you must request approval from your program to retest. Contact your EPP for further information.

If, upon completion of an entire Core Subjects (211 or 291) exam, you do not pass one or more of the Subject Exams, you are eligible to retake

  • a single Subject Exam if you passed all of the other Subject Exams, or
  • the overall Core Subjects (211 or 291) exam if you did not pass two or more Subject Exams.

The score for your best attempt on each Subject Exam is always retained, so a candidate retaking the overall exam does not need to respond to questions in subtests previously passed.

You must wait 45 days after taking the Core Subjects (211 or 291) exam before you can retake the overall exam or an individual Subject Exam. Each testing session counts as an attempt for the Core Subjects (211 or 291) exam, whether the overall exam or an individual Subject Exam (i.e., 801–805 and 806–809) is attempted.

You are required to pay the exam fee when registering to retake an exam.

Pearson and TEA reserve the right to cancel scores if the Retake Policy is violated for any reason.

You are limited to five attempts to take a certification exam.

The five attempts include the first attempt to pass the exam and four retakes. Each testing session counts as another attempt for the 211 or 291 Core Subjects exam, whether the overall exam or an individual Subject Exam is attempted. If you choose to register again for the same exam after completion of the fifth testing attempt, scores will not be counted towards certification and you will assume responsibility for exam fees paid. For more information, please consult with your Educator Preparation Program and review the score reporting policies on this website.

Your five attempts include any of the exam approval methods (PACT, EPP, out of state, charter, and CBE). If you are unable to successfully pass the examination after five attempts, you will not be allowed to take the examination again unless the Texas Education Agency approves a test-limit waiver opens in a new window. If you are not able to pass an examination that is a requirement for a given certification, you will not be able to be issued an intern, probationary, or standard certificate in that certification field.