New PACT Exams Launching January 2020

Some Texas-approved educator preparation programs (EPPs) require that candidates seeking admission take a Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). Taking a PACT exam is also a requirement for candidates participating in the intensive pre-service (IPS) route. PACT exams may also be used by Texas charter schools that require their teachers to demonstrate content mastery in their assignment. Beginning January 27, 2020, a new series of PACT exams will become available for these purposes. The TExES certification exams will no longer be used for the PACT route after January 26, 2020.

The content of the new exams is different from the TExES exams. The new PACT exams contain questions assessing subject-matter knowledge only, as opposed to the TExES certification exams that contain questions assessing subject-matter and pedagogical-content knowledge.

Candidates can now register for the new exams on this website. They can also find information about the new examinations and preparation materials on this website. Visit the Exams page and select a PACT exam to review specific details about the exam, including:

  • number and types of questions on the exam
  • duration of the exam session
  • exam administration and score reporting dates
  • exam cost
  • passing score
  • registration and testing policies

Review information about creating a testing account, registering for a PACT exam, and scheduling a testing appointment PDF.

TExES exam registration is now closed to PACT candidates. If you have already registered to take a TExES exam via the PACT route but not yet scheduled an appointment, you must schedule an appointment no later than January 24, 2020. The last day candidates can take the TExES exams for PACT is January 26, 2020. These exams will no longer be administered to PACT candidates after this date.

PACT candidates who test before January 27, 2020, should visit the Exams page and select a TExES exam to review specific details about the exam.

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